Company Profile

Company Profile


Avion Lighting Co., Ltd is a professional supplier and manufacturer in the field of LED lighting. We have devoted ourselves to developing advanced LED lighting products and achieving the goal of excellent engineering team and ODM facilities and capabilities.  




Utilizing LED’s state-of-the-art technology as the illumination source, Avion offers environmentally conscious and advanced LED lighting solutions with low energy consumption, long life span and a wide range of color. All of our products have unique and clever design features that can be exploited in Entertainment, Commercial and Residential application. In addition, Our LED indoor and outdoor fixtures can be used in the design of general and special-purpose lighting.   



Avion Lighting Co., Ltd has committed to customize our LED lighting application to ensure customers optimum performance and make an effort to meet every customer’s need. We always work closely with customers to fulfill their various and special lighting needs. With great ability in LED application, we believe that Avion can provide strong knowledge and design capabilities to create a vivid, colorful and brand new world of vision for you all. 

~~Don’t just see the world with your eyes, but to feel it with your hearts.~~


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